Thursday, June 8, 2017

Trustees, Board

The EGR Writers House is privately funded by the EGR Writers Trust under an agreement dating from 2015. As originally envisioned, the trust would provide free housing with a stipend at a former one room schoolhouse in Monmouth upon the death of the Settlor. With the sale of the schoolhouse, relocation to Augusta, and the purchase of a second condo unit, the strategy shifted.
Under the terms of the Trust, there are two trustees who work with Kennebec Savings Bank Wealth Management. Their responsibility is overseeing the assets under management. They determine the annual budget, based on income projections.
There will be a five member board, two of whom might be connected to MWPA, the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. The other three members have not been determined. The unpaid board is tasked with decisions connected to the budget, such as how large any stipend can reasonably be offered, what expenses are anticipated, what maintenance planned, what are the House Rules, and, most important, how does it find each year's writers in residence, and what, if any, community engagement should be requested.
That stated, the opportunity to purchase a second condo unit has allowed the Writers House to open its doors in the Summer of 2017. To do so, however, it could only offer subsidized housing for writers, as defined elsewhere.

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