Sunday, June 4, 2017

EGR Writers House

Located at 26 and 28 Blaine Avenue in Augusta, Maine 04330, the EGR Writers House provides subsidized housing for writers.
A writer is defined by one or more of the following: he/she is currently a college student with a major in creative writing and/or English; he/she has graduated from college with a major in creative writing and/or English; he/she has one foot working on a creative writing project, such as a book, and one foot in the work world. It is important that the Writers House welcome anyone who feels his/her identify tied to creative written expression, whether or not college can, or will, play a part in that. There is an expectation that creative writing will be done while a resident is here.
Subsidized is defined as rented for a period of time, by the month, for three, six or twelve months, at the projected cost of annual maintenance, (including heat, hot water, water/sewer taxes, property insurance, property taxes, propane, etc.) divided by 12. The rent is currently $600/month.
The unfurnished condo is on two floors with a full basement, washer and dryer, outdoor patio, on site parking.
Use the pictures of 28 on the web version to visualize 26 since they are reverse mirror layouts. Paintings and drawings by Larry Stanton are hung in 28.
The Writers House encourages any writers to become residents, but especially those from minority groups, such as the LGBTQ community, whose subject matter (writing content) might not always be welcome or encouraged elsewhere.

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