Sunday, June 4, 2017

Contact Information, questions

The EGR Writers House does not currently offer stipends, scholarships, have a board or committee, require an application. Someone who was accepted at another arts program in Maine noted that the lack of a complicated process was a plus, so this has been copied. The opportunity might be compared to taking on an unpaid internship as a step into the job market.
It is hoped that the house, in regular use by writers, will bring definition to it, rather than the imposition of a structure which doesn't work, which doesn't meet needs. Anyone in residence will be given a standard, annual lease. Winthrop Smith, Trustee of the EGR Writers House, invites any and all questions or suggestions. He can be reached by email: or by mail: 28 Blaine Avenue, Augusta, ME 04330.
(To view Winthrop Smith's work-in-progress: or published work:

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